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Zach Knight     Photo Jul 21 5 06 52 PM     Photo Jul 21 5 02 21 PM

  • Born and raised in Pendleton, Oregon
  • Joined the United States Marine Corps in September 2004
  • Served as MP and part of 2D MP BN out of Camp Lejeune, NC
  • Deployed to Iraq in August 2005
  • Served as security to convoys and patrol roadways and as a driver. They called themselves "War Pigs".
  • Injured Oct 2, 2005 during a patrol to gather intelligence. After finding and destrouing several IEDs, the truck Zachery was driving tripped a pressure switch on bridge over the Euphrates River.
  • Zacher was the only Marine seriously injured.
    • He suffered a broken jaw and mandible with extensive dental damage.
    • Left leg amputated above the kneee.
    • Left arm was badly damaged and he still has numbnes in 3 fingers.
    • His right thumb was shattered and is now fused and cannot bend.
    • Medically Retired as Lance Corporal in September 2006.
  • Married to Amy Knight, a retired Marine veteran wit ha Purple Heart
  • Amy was the Marine sitting directly behind Zachery when the truck exploded.
  • Zachery and Amy have four children: Lillyan, Shannon, Jaelynn, Matthew.

Chris Craft Standing weapon sml


Chris Claude Vehicle IED sml

Chris Claude prosthetic smlChris Claude wedding sml

Chris Claude daughter sml 

  • Chris enlisted in the Marine Corps straight out of high school in 1998.
  • He served as Radar Team Leader, Recruiter and Assistant Battalion Operations Chief with 2nd Battalion 11th Marine Regiment.
  • He was selected to be a Military Advisor to Iraq Army Battalion 0841 in Karbala, Iraq in 2005.
    • Chriw was injured February 20, 2006 by an IED.
    • One Marine was killed in the incident.
    • Chris was airlifted to Baghdad Hospital after 1.5 hours and then to Germany.
    • During surgery in Germany Chris used 67 units of blood and had to be resuscitated with a defibrillator once.
    • His right leg was amputated above the knee.
    • Shrapnel was lodged in his body. It frequently surfaces and must be removed with tweezers.
    • Chris suffers from a TBI with migraines.
  • Chris retired in 2007 as Gunnery Sergeant.
  • Chris was married in 2011. Chris, his wife and his daughter, Genevieve, live in Long Pond, PA.


Chris Claude trike2a


Married in 2007 Brian and Wife 2
Son Magnum was born in March,2010

Brian8Hometown: Grand Rapids, Michigan
Currently living in West Palm Beach, Florida

Brian Mast’s Military History:
Following high school, Brian joined the US Army in 2000 as a Special Operations Explosive Ordinance Disposal Technician.
Brian and his family moved to several posts finally remaining at Ft. Bragg, NC prior to his deployment in 2010 to Afghanistan.
On September 19, 2010, Brian was struck with an improvised explosive device (IED) while working with the Army Rangers. The IED claimed both of Brian’s legs, a finger, and part of his forearm. He was med-evacuated and he awoke from his injuries on September 25, 2010 at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, D.C. Although he became aware of the many new challenges he would be facing, Brian stated that “these would not be the challenges that defeated him”. He met his goals of walking with crutches at his family Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations and completing most of the Miami-to-Key West Soldier (Bike) Ride. He has also mastered scuba diving, skiing, and Ssgt Brian Mast deployeddriving a car. He and his wife were also honored guests at the President’s State of the Union Address.Brian13

Brian Mast Bike Build:

The bike eventually customized for Brian Mast was donated by Pensacola (Florida) Harley Davidson and RFTW Southern Route rider Denise Kruezer. The bike made its way across the United States and was delivered to Thunderstruck Customs of Medford, Oregon through the efforts of John Baker (“Hardcharger”), Wes Alvarez (“Hailstones”), Ray McDowell (“Too Tall”), and Doug Lyvere (“Sgt Major”).
The new bike was custom built and on October 6, 2014, Brian was flown to Medford, Oregon for the personalized bike fitting of his 2006 FatBoy show bike with side car. At this visit, additional funding for the bike was generously donated by the Medford Eagles Riders club.




                                                                                                                                            Ssgt Brian Mast on Hero BikeBrian Mast and RFTW guys 

Ken Kraft is a retired United States Army Captain and Multnomah County Senior Corrections Deputy Sheriff. Ken is married to his wife Brenda for 20 years and has 3 step children and two children from his first marriage.

Ken lives in Oregon City and has raised “Battle Buddy” Olde Victorian Bulldogges for injured combat veterans.

Ken joined the Oregon Army National Guard in November 1987 as a Private First Class and served in progressive enlisted ranks until he applied for and was accepted to Officer Candidate School. Ken finished his time in the Oregon Army National guard as a successful Company Commander and made a career decision to transfer to the United States Army Reserve Where he served as the S3 Operations Officer with the 104th IT.

Capt. Ken Kraft IraqKen volunteered for service in Afghanistan or Iraq and was augmented into the 166th (ASG) Area Support Group, which Served in Iraq October 2004 through October 2015. Ken was assigned to serve as XO/Operations Officer for Camp Slayer Iraq. Camp Slayer was the (ISG) Iraqi Survey Group, (DIA) Defense Intelligence Agency and other Presidential appointments. Camp Slayer managed WMD, Mass Graves, Search for missing Gulf War Pilot Scott Speicher and other mission critical operations.

Ken was injured in a mortar attack while inspecting a newly completed security project. Ken was awarded the Bronze Star for his service in Iraq and returned to Puerto Rico at the completion of his tour. Ken returned to Puerto Rico with the 166th ASG and started medical tests, which determined that his back was damaged at L1 through S1 and both his knees were damaged beyond repair. Ken has a M-TBI and to date has completed over 20 Surgeries, which included 2 back surgeries and 2 total knee replacements. Ken is still undergoing multiple surgeries as he fights to save his left leg from amputation. Ken has spent years on recovery and assisting other returning veterans with severe injuries. In 2012 Ken competed at the VA Summer sports clinic in San Diego and was Captain for the Championship team. Ken is a life member of the VFW, American Legion, DAV, MOAA, AMVETS and NRA Ken Kraft post surgeryas a way of assisting all veterans. Ken is a 3 time All American Post Commander. He currently serves as Oregon’s membership director of an All American state and Ken serves as the National Military Services Director for Oregon and works closely with National Guard, Reserve and Active Component Military Personnel and families throughout Oregon. Ken Kraft was the top Division 3 Commander in the VFW worldwide 2013-2014.

In the fall of 2015 Ken lost the battle of trying to save his right leg. His right leg was amputated above the knee and he started his rehab. Ken Kraft post amputationIt would be an amazing honor to be able to ride a trike on a portion or legs of the Ride for the Wall. My military service to America is a great honor and privilege.


Ken Kraft RFTW



Ken was awarded his Trike & Trailer in Ontario, CA on May 16, 2017 during the Run for the Wall annual kick off dinner. Many veterans and supporters were on hand to witness his first ride.

Ken Kraft Trike 1


Charlie Deployed 200As the first Combat Hero Bike Build recipient, SSgt Charlie Linville was presented his new bike at a cermonial dinner at Rancho Cucamonga CA on May 13, 2014. During the building of SSgt Linville's bike, John "Hardcharger" Barker stated "I have seen the bike in progress and can say that he is going to be shocked at the transformation from the street bike that it was to the custom bike it is becoming. The builder has added a new shifting device to provide greater control, new brake system, as well as additional great modifications that will put the bike over the top. Of course we cannot reveal all that has been done, but rest assured that Charlie will be more than pleased."

Fundraising efforts for Charlie's CHBB motorcycle inckuded an event in his hometown of Boise, Idaho led by RFTW Charlie and Wife 200Rider Wes "Topper" Garvin that brought in more than $2800. This amount set a new bench mark for funds raised specifically for CHBB and many thanks go out to "Topper" for his hard work in this effort. American Legion Riders of Post 113, Nampa Legion Riders Post 18 and the Director Ronald Cleveland were the driving force behind the Bike Build fundraiser. CHBB nneds more folks like our friends in Idaho who cannot be thanked enough.

When the first official Combat Hero Bike build was completed on May 13, 2014, SSgt. Charlie Lindville was awarded his completely remodeled and customized motorcycle again in Boise, Charlie on bike 2 200Idaho. Among those present at the local Harley dealer were the riders and Charlie’s friends that helped raise funds for his build. Charlie’s bike had an engine problem in Rancho. Pomona Harley stepped up to rebuild the engine. It was then picked up by Dave "Trunks" Gladwill who transported the bike to Redding CA. where he was met by John "Hardcharger" Barker. Barker then delivered the bike to SSgt Lindville in Boise. Charlie wants to ride the bike on the RFTW Run in the next year or two once he gets his riding skills up. Charlie is a great guy and RFTW couldn’t have picked a better person to build the bike for. Everyone who has heard of the build cannot say enough about what RFTW has accomplished to rebuild this Marine’s sense of Freedom again. A great deal of thanks must go out to Thunderstruck Customs of Medford, OR for building the bike and Thiring Designs of Talent, OR for the fantastic paint job.

Bikebuild 1 gas tank 300Bikebuild 1 back fender 300